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Title Dispute Representation

Daytona Attorney for Title Dispute Representation

When you purchase a piece of property in Florida, one of the most important elements is to ensure you receive free and clear title to the property from the seller. Purchasers need to take steps to protect their investment. The first step is hiring a Daytona real estate attorney to perform a title search for the property. A title search reveals any issues, defects, or “clouds” on the title that prevent you from receiving clear, marketable title to the real estate.

Because real estate transactions can be complex and require an in-depth knowledge of Florida real estate laws, we urge you to contact our office so that we can provide support, guidance, and legal counsel throughout every phase of a real estate transaction. Call (888) 316-2131 now to speak with a real estate attorney.

Real Estate Litigation in Florida

Our Daytona real estate practice offers a broad range of real estate litigation services. We understand that discovering your property has a title defect can be devastating. It can be overwhelming when you realize an issue related to your property prevents you from using the property for your desired purpose.

Our real estate lawyers understand Florida laws pertaining to residential and commercial real property. We also understand the laws governing a variety of issues related to real estate, including landlord-tenant laws, title insurance, quiet title actions, contract disputes, zoning, eminent domain, and property tax.

When property disputes arise, you need an experienced Florida real estate attorney to advocate for your position and reduce your potential exposure to liability and loss. Our attorneys are experienced negotiator and litigators, so we advocate on your behalf vigorously both inside and outside of a courtroom.

Many issues may give rise to real estate litigation. While our Daytona real estate attorneys attempt to negotiate and settle matters outside of the courtroom, we are prepared to fight the battle in the courtroom when necessary. Examples of the types of matters that might give rise to real estate litigation include:

• Landlord-Tenant Disputes

• Foreclosures

• Bankruptcy

• Premises Liability Claims

• Disputes About Land Use

• Retail, Commercial, and Industrial Lease Agreements

• Purchase Agreements and Contracts for Sale

• Eminent Domain Claims

• Title Insurance Claims

• Environmental Disputes and Claims

• Zoning Ordinances

• Property Management Disputes

• Disputes Regarding Real Estate Commissions

• Property Tax Assessments

• Developer and Builder Disputes

• Property Insurance Claims

• Adverse Possession

• Permits and Development Entitlements

If you have questions regarding a real estate matter, we encourage you to contact our office. With the help of an experienced Florida real estate lawyer, you may be able to settle the matter without the necessity of real estate litigation. Reaching a compromise through negotiation can save time and money. However, our lawyers are prepared to file a lawsuit when necessary and aggressively fight in the courtroom to protect your best interests.

Florida Title Disputes and Title Insurance Disputes

When you are dealing with real estate, many areas are open to dispute. Parties disagree about a variety of issues related to title to property and title insurance. Our law firm can help you with title disputes and title insurance disputes related to matters involving:

• Boundary and Survey Disputes

• Title Defect Litigation (Quiet Title Actions)

• Mechanics' Liens

• Access and Easement Disputes

• Escrow Claims

• Claims of Right-of-Way

• Breach of Option Agreements

• Restrictive Covenants

• Title Claim Investigations

• Title Conveyance Issues

• Fraudulent Conveyances

• Mortgage Fraud

• Encroachment Disputes

• Adverse Possession Claims

• Trespass Claims

• Priority of Liens

• Validity of Claims

We handle any matters related to real estate disputes in Daytona and throughout Volusia County. You may have several options available for resolving your title dispute. One of the first steps our attorneys take is to review all evidence and facts in your case to determine your options and the potential risks and benefits of each option.

By weighing the potential risks and benefits of each option, our lawyers can help you determine the option that allows for the best chance of the outcome you desire. While there is no guarantee of a specific outcome in a case, our lawyers are extremely thorough in reviewing all options to develop a strategy based on the law, the facts in the case, and sound legal principles.

Contact A Daytona Real Estate Litigation Law Firm

Our practice is prepared to handle all matters related to real estate litigation and disputes. We represent landlords, tenants, homeowners, developers, sellers, purchasers, and commercial property owners. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, or you are served notice of a lawsuit involving real estate, contact our office to discuss the matter with an experienced Florida real estate attorney.

Contact our law firm by calling (888) 316-2131 to discuss your case with a Daytona litigation attorney.

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